The Healing Sanctuary

Amber practices out of a home turned healing sanctuary. Here she is able to provide a safe space where clients may have access to a variety of services tailored to their specific needs.

Why did she choose to turn a home into a Healing Sanctuary?

When Amber took a step back to observe her own journey and understand where her deepest healing and expansion occurred, she found it had been and continues to be in the comfort of home.

alvin-engler-48444She noticed that when she walked into a clinic or an office, the surroundings signal to her body and brain that she was in a formal or professional environment. This signal influenced how she interact with that environment and ultimately, how she received within that environment. Since the environment had signaled to her that it was restricted, no matter how wonderful the person or people were that she was meeting with, she continued to hold a bit of a protective barrier.

But, when she walked into a home – especially one where she felt welcomed and comfortable – the signal she received was that she could relax and receive. Once again, the environment influenced her. As long as she felt safe and comfortable, she was willing to be expansive.

With this information, and understanding that the Healing Sanctuary plays a vital role in the healing process, Amber chose to create what she felt would be the best possible environment for those that she has the honor of serving.

Amber desired to create the center in a home because, from her perspective, it allows her to foster a space where all who enter can feel safe, welcome, relaxed and expansive as they receive, release and heal.


Below are images to guide you through the healing space. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Entrance to Healing Sanctuary
Group Yoga & Meditation Space
Healing Room 1
Healing Room 2
Walking Meditation Garden
Pool for Healing Waters Meditation