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A&A Spiritual Concepts

5141 E Ludlow Dr, Scottsdale, AZ


Master Sound Healer
Certification Weekend

April 14 & April 15
10 AM to 6:00 PM Each Day

A&A Spiritual Concepts Master Sound Healer Certification Is Back!! Are you interested in gaining a greater awareness of Energy & Sound Healing? Would you like to earn valuable certifications as you explore this path?

Then join A&A Spiritual Concepts as we bring forward our Master Sound Healer Certification Series.

In one highly focused weekend you will have the opportunity to earn 5 total certifications – all focused on Energy through Sound Healing.

These certifications include:

1. Foundational Level Sound Healer (Level 1): Sound Healing Tools – includes a general overview of sound healing, how it has been leveraged throughout history, and how it is leveraged today – also includes a detailed exploration of sound healing tools

2. Apprentice Level Sound Healer (Level 2): Theory & Techniques – includes detailed overview of sound healing, theory of sound healing, data behind the use of sound healing, labs and hands-on application

3. Practitioner Level Sound Healer (Level 3): The Sacred Connection Between Sound & Ultimate Consciousness – bring in discussion of M-Theory/String Theory and the connection of sound to color, light, sacred geometry, modern physics, etc.

4. Advanced Level Sound Healer (Level 4): The Sacred Sound of Voice: a detailed exploration of toning, mantra & chanting

5. Master Level Sound Healer (Level 5) : Transformation & Implementation – understand how sound assists in physical & energetic transformation and brings together all that has been learned in practical application with a client or meditation


Austin & Amber are consistently committed to keeping class size small to allow for individual focus and hands-on support. This will allow those who attend the opportunity to clearly understand & integrate what they have learned.

8 spaces will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis.


2 day event

April 14 from 10am to 6pm

April 15 from 10am to 6pm


Highly interactive discussions

Hands-on labs with sound & energetic healing tools

Brief homework the evening of the 14th

Short exams that reflect ability to demonstrate what has been gained

** All materials are provided

*** Snacks & water provided – lunch is not included
(a 1 hour lunch break will be given each day)


Below is feedback from those who have participated in this program.

“Very well put together. So much good information and hands on application. It was very well organized and a very enjoyable fun experience. Thank you!”

“Amber is an amazing guide – she knows how to not talk at, but talk with people while still providing thorough, well-organized content in a manner that isn’t overwhelming and is extremely interesting! So grateful for her time, effort and great energy :)”

“A&A Spiritual Concepts has a unique and fulfilling program that has taught me some very powerful tools to use as an art form in assisting myself and others along their healing journey! ”

“Excellent workshop.”

“Informative and fun!”


The total fee for the entire weekend, including all materials and printed copies of all certifications, is $999.00

To Register:

RSVP here

Then, make your payment via PayPal by clicking here.

*you will not be considered fully registered until payment is received


Payments may be made through PayPal by clicking here or directly to Amber & Austin.

Payment plan options are available. For details contact us at


Thank you to all of the amazing souls who requested this program be offered again before the end of the year. Your love and support means the world to us!


If you have questions about this program, please feel free to contact Amber & Austin at



The Journey of Christ – Channeled Messages from the Christ Collective

Thursday, March 29th

6:30 PM to 8 PM

Join us for direct channel messages and beautiful love light energies from the Christ Collective. While Christ energy may mean different things to each of us, at the core it is an energetic awareness that allows us to connect our human mind with the Divine Mind/Love. When we connect with this energy, allowing ourselves to merge with it, we ignite our own opportunity to create with love.

In this hour and a half together we will:

• settle the mind through breath and physical relaxation

• through guided meditation, bring forward the energy of the Christ Collective – creating an opportunity for all attendees to merge with this energy

• deepen the physical and energetic connection through the sound of crystal bowls with voice tones, grounding in this pure love energy

• gradually return to the space as we begin to bring forward direct channel messages from members of the Christ Collective

This meditation may be a strong energetic experience for individuals who are sensitive to high frequencies. Please plan accordingly (eat before the meditation, bring water to drink after, bring grounding stones if needed)


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