But we need to be separate for the experience, right?

Below is a channeled message that came through from the entire angel collective. It was many voices, speaking as one, with pure love. But we need to be separate for the experience, right? This question comes up often in our discussions. The thought that one can know their life path purpose and still fully experience…

Change – A Message from Metatron

The following is a channeled message from Metatron. It speaks to the shift that many of us continue to hear about but may not fully understand at this time. I ask that you read this with an open heart and open mind as it has information that is nearly impossible to believe if we read…

Get me out of my head

So alas no video again today…but what I have instead is beyond any words that would be uttered from my mouth. It is a message that was channeled through by ArchAngel Michael and speaks to a condition many continue to ask how to remove, living in your mind. I wish you love for the start…

Metaphysical Mixup

Archangel Metatron shares a message about something he calls ‘Metaphysical Mixup’ – a condition we in the metaphysical world fall into when we begin to seek more knowledge outside of ourselves than within. Metaphysical Mixup

Emotional Importance

Do you ever worry that you will become your emotions? Are you so focused on being love that you avoid all other emotions? In this video I share a channeled lesson I received from Archangel Chamuel regarding the importance of allowing all emotions.   It’s my experience and I’ll cry if I want to!