Amber’s Story


Amber Mikesell – Certified Life Coach, Author and Meditation Practitioner

Pulling from her diverse life experience, Amber empowers each person to build the life they desire by providing tools to clearly generate the path that will lead them there.

She is a product of her own system, having navigating from an entry level role to an executive level position by her early 30s. Amber then transitioned the knowledge she gained from this experience to build a highly successful career in film as an actress and producer.

Ultimately, Amber found her true calling in helping others. She found that blending her passion for yoga and meditation with the tools that have been keys to her success in life created a one-of-a-kind program that have proven success for others.

Whether speaking to large groups, coaching one-on-one, or facilitating classes/workshop, Amber’s goal is to assist others in reaching theirs.

Amber is an internationally recognized author, life coach and yogini, providing services all over the world. She trained in traditional asana yoga and vedic philosophy at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Khajuraho, India.

In addition to being an internationally certified yoga instructor, Amber is a certified life coach, certified meditation practitioner, certified reiki master, nutrition counselor, internationally certified barre instructor, and certified by the American Red Cross in CPR, AED and First Aid.

Her education includes in depth research in world religion, cultural studies and social science. She holds her BA in Communication (Interpersonal and Organizational) from Otterbein University.

To learn more about Amber’s most recent book with co-author and business partner, Austin Uhl, visit their book’s page – Opportunities For Expansion

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Amber’s Story

Like many energy channels, Amber and those who knew her, had always known there was something a bit different about her. She had a large variety of interests throughout her life. To her, it has always been about the experience. Amber has enjoyed great success in her professional career, working in information technology, scientific research & development, program/project management and the arts. Her ability to learn at a very rapid pace made it possible for her to move  from position to position without an organization keeping her locked into one role.

Her ability to quickly learn wasn’t what made her different though. It was the incredibly calming energy that surrounded her. She has always had a natural ability to bring those around her to a point of calm, simply by being in the room. Prior to her spiritual rememberance, this never quite made sense to her, but not a week passed without someone mentioning this gift.

The other profound consistency in her life was the trend of small children, animals, those in need, and/or complete strangers wandering up to her and interacting with her as if they had known her forever. In restaurants, coffee shops or simply walking in a shop – it was not unusual for someone to stop Amber and begin to tell her all that was occurring in their personal life and seek advice. This trend became so consistent that she had to reach a point of acceptance and simply allow it to be her new normal.

But, when she moved to Phoenix, AZ everything came into alignment. It began with repeat number patterns, which triggered something within her and caused her to look deeper into their meaning. These number patterns were the opening point for Amber. She quickly connected to her intuitive nature through automatic writing, direct channeling, energetic healing and multiple other modalities. She continues to learn and grow each day, seeking to blend scientific with spiritual knowledge – centered in love each step of the way.