Healing With Unconditional Love

As an alternative wellness practitioner, one of the single most important modalities I use  is energy. I have studied and become certified in many forms of “energy healing,” yet I still find it incredibly difficult to answer when I am asked what type of energy healing I am leveraging in a session. I couldn’t understand why at first. After all, I can see energy, feel it flowing through and actually witness the process of it exchanging within each individual. Yet, when it came to explaining how it connected to what I had studied I was at a loss.


Then it was shown to me. As wonderful as each healing modality is, if I limit the energy flow based on what I have learned then I am limiting what each individual might receive. But, if I allow myself to be a conduit for unconditional divine love from source and/or the individuals highest consciousness, then the potential for the energy flow is limitless. By allowing myself to step out of the way and be a vessel for pure, unconditional love I am not a factor in the equation. I am simply the connection point for whatever the person I am in service of requires. There is no real way to describe this process because it is boundless, limitless and nameless. It simply is.

This is not to take anything away from studying and understanding energetic healing modalities. There is such value in placing awareness around the process. But, to limit ourselves based on these processes may be where we have room to grow and expand. Allowing ourselves to be limitless vessels of unconditional love for our clients is vital. This removes our presumption that we know what is needed and allows their higher consciousness and/or source consciousness to flow through and bring forward what is in service to the individuals path in that present moment.

This is what I have found to be truth for me in my practice. If others have found something similar, I would love to hear.


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