Are you feeling all of the love, all of the abundance, all of the joy that you know is possible in your life?

So many of us are seeking something that we know is possible, yet somehow continues to elude us…but why?

Most often it is because what we seek is an inside out movement, not an outside in gain. Making that connection within is not easy, especially when we are programmed by the world around us to disconnect. From morning to night we are moving at a fast pace and rarely have time to sit and simply ‘be’ human ‘be’ings. There is no time to connect with ourselves, our thoughts, our emotions, our desires.

This site and my services are dedicated to bringing in love light energies that can assist us, both as a collective group of mankind and as individuals, to change these patterns of behavior and ultimately reconnect with our light within. To begin to see ourselves from a new perspective so that we might create the life that we came here to experience.

We thank you for investing yourself in these messages and wish you much love and light.


A few words from those Amber has guided


58a2782bf436d7285e1f9508c803a0cb…our time together was life changing for me…truly. I just wanted to share from my heart with you, in such gratitude for the amazing gift you have brought into my life. Thank you for opening the channel and helping to guide these energies of love in a way that was healing, empowering, and offering great hope – not only hope, but a more solid clarity of who I am and why I am here. ~Jeanette


Life changing experience – In the several times that I have met with Amber, it has been an amazing experience. She is truly gifted and through her channeling, I was able to get many insights into my health and spiritual life. She is gentle, non-threatening, and a beautiful soul. Well worth your time and money! ~Carol


Excellent! A learning experience I will never forget! It was truly eye opening and I am looking forward to my next encounter and experiences that are waiting for me! It is well worth anyone’s time that is looking for answers to their questions about Romance, Health and whatever is on your mind. I Know I did get my questions answered and now I understand so much more then what I did before I came to the session. ~Linda


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